Find Admiral Hawksbill

Published September 19, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Ok first I have to tell you my “Blonde” moment.  I clicked on my missions tab and saw the Find Admiral Hawksbill.  So off I went to find him.  I went to the beach first obviously and then proceeded hunt him down ALL OVER Dizzywood,  and I do mean ALL OVER.  I went to every possible place, the tree house, the mines, every friggin store!  I finally gave up and cheated.  I googled it and found “Tips by M” had it posted.  So I started reading to find where he was and thankfully she had her act together and wrote : First you need to accept the mission. DUHHH!!  I never accepted the mission!!!!  I had been looking for someone who wasn’t even in Dizzywood yet.  So Thanks again to “Tips by M” because I clearly haven’t had enough caffenine yet this morning.

Anyway, CLICK THE MISSION AND ACCEPT FIRST!!! Then you will find him at the beach.  Yes, the first place I checked.


9 comments on “Find Admiral Hawksbill

  • Ok blonde moments are awesome. Are you blonde or was that just something you used to explain it?


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