Meebo Answers!!!

Some people ask questions on my meebo and they aren’t on when I log on.  So I will have a Meebo Page.  If you ask a question on it and I am not on, I will reply here when I get the message.  When you leave your question, Make sure you tell me your name or a nickname so I know who to respond too.  It doesn’t tell me who you are if you are not signed in.  It just says secretnotes543216 (or some other number).  So if you don’t want to leave your dizzywood name at least leave some nickname so that I know who to answer too.  Thanks!!!




122 comments on “Meebo Answers!!!

  • how do we add meebo in our blog i signed up for it but i dont know how to put it

    SECRETNOTES~ I copied the code and put it in my text box on my widgets

  • Silly goose, you don’t have to worry about that. Ask questions anywhere you like. I just want to keep spam in the notebook, (like friends codes, and everyones websites, ect)

  • SECRETNOTES, go to the notepad and find your name, first ya have to choose a name you like, like esmerelda…mitilda…luna… ANYTHING! then go to the ntepad and follow directions, note that the box of the number of the letters is like, seperate comment, i forgot to post it

  • Secretnotes, when i went on I only saw the blob thing and the plop next to it i exited and then went on again and there was something new under it, I checked the meebo and it said you were ofline!!! What happen?

    p.s I said hi

    SECRETNOTES~ I can be on my site and not on Meebo. You have to got to another site to sign on meebo. And if I am working on my site and can’t really chat, then I don’t sign on. 🙂

  • Hey, what is the upgrade to pro today add thingy on the side?

    SECRETNOTES~ Its the site that I got them from (they are supposed to be plops, but I think when their site gets overloaded, or too many people adopt a plop it looks like that. Check back later and you will see my plops…

  • You guys aren’t leaving me a name to answer back tooo!!!!


    I use the wobbly server. And I don’t take workers, Sorry, I just want to do everything myself.

  • SecretNotes, I completely understand the alone thing. People ask to work for me all the time, and though it may bring publicity (which is the only bribe I’ve gotten from wanna-be workers) I still want to work for myself.

    Also, some of the people on your blog roll have copies of my pages. >.>”

  • how did u change ur avatar i know on ur dashborad click on users but…y dose it need to be on ur download thing y cant it just be a photo from photobucket?

  • Ok, someone put on my Meebo, that everytime I am on Dizzywood I either ignore them or I log off Dizzywood. You didn’t leave your name so I don’t know who you are. I can’t not ignore you, or try to pay more attention to you if you don’t leave your name. BTW, when I am playing dizzywood my internet often just shuts down. I don’t know why. Anyway, srry u feel that way, I don’t try to ignore anyone, but I do get very restless and often just start wandering in Dizzywood.

  • Well, this is just fun… Look what I got on my meebo: (i bleeped the cuss words, they weren’t bleeped)

    Hey I am: HaterOfSecretNotes and you are really selfish and (bleeped) so (bleeped) quit or I will sue you

    Then they wrote:
    ur retarded

    umm…. Well I am not sure what you would be suing me about? That was kinda weird…Plus to sue me you would have to let me know who you are. And I am betting everything, that you are WAY TO CHICKEN to ever do that. Which is why you didn’t sign in… Am i right????

  • Secretnotes, do you have to be a meebo member to have that chat box on your site? If you do have to be a member, then can I have a good reason why I should?


  • Hi secretnotes i have a blog the problem is i dont know how to put the pics on my blog and write bout it?can u plz tell me?answer me

    SECRETNOTES~ If you don’t know how to do a post, u might not want to have one.. too much to explain, srry

  • Happycat123, I am not sure what the age is supposed to be. I don’t know if there is even one. But you could just put a higher age if they ask. I am sure 13 or 14 would be fine. (They don’t ask for a birth certificate…lol)


  • so when you take a picture with the color camera on dizzy wood, it says “your picture has been sent to you.” but how do i get my pictures?

  • SecretNotes when i take a picture with a dizzywood camera for example the color camera it says that the picture u took is sent to u.But whereever i look i cant see my picture anywhere.

    Thank u So much!! Bye

    p.s u rule!!

  • I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • hi, i,ve an avatar in dizzywood. Happen to catch a glimps of you last wk. I am researching for a buddy to find a solution to her problem. She tells me someone is using her avatar pretending to be her. I don’t know her personally but am helping as much as i can. She has reported the other person to dizzywood (report a problem).
    And according to her they removed that avatar from the site. Then the suspected person started taking over her friends avatars as well. I believe her story to be true. My question is this, is there a site to report this to, that will remove such a person.
    I enjoyed reading your blog site and will bookmark it. lots of goodies to contemplate. Keep up the good work, hope to hear from you, Philious

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