My Rules Page…

First I want to give credit to Fluffers for the idea for this  page.  I saw her FAQ page and really liked the idea.


Be Nice: Please be kind to my guests and to me.  I do not appreciate getting yelled at.  I never do anything to be purposely hurtful to anyone.  If you feel like you are getting left out or I am not responding to a comment ( I get a lot, so its easy to miss one) Please just leave a comment in the post saying that you still have the same question, or “just reminding you about my comment/ question”  I will make sure to get to it.  I try to do my best on this blog but I am just a normal person, I do make mistakes.

Advertising:  I don’t mind advertising your site or asking to be on my blog roll, But please do it in the notepad. This is just so people looking for answers on a problem don’t have to scroll through spam.

Meeting me: Its very rare that I will schedule a meeting time with anyone.  I am not being mean, but I can get busy and don’t want to be leaving people hanging that I told I would meet.  I am almost always on Wobbly unless its a week day and no one is on wobbly and then I go to Whirly or Twirly.  If you see me then make sure you do a buddy request so that you can find me when you need me.

Buddy Requests: I will always say yes to a buddy request, so don’t be shy.  If you ask and it says No Thanks, its only because I missed the request.  (sometimes I will wander off to get a snack while playing)  Just try and try again.

Can I work on your site?: Sorry I don’t take workers,  I am selfish when It comes to my site and have seen a lot of fights on other sites over workers messing up this or deleting that.  I just want to know I am in complete control over everything.

NO DRAMA:  I am definitley a NO DRAMA kinda girl.  I am not one of those “catty” girls.  I remember Pink (the R&B singer) saying one time… ” If you see a girl with cute boots on, Don’t hate her,  Ask her where she got them!”  And that is the way I live my life.  If something is going well for you,  then I am happy for you!  If you are good at something that is wonderful!  Maybe you could teach me??  The next time you are thinking you don’t like someone, ask yourself… “Do I not like this person because I am jealous?”  If the answer is yes,  and this happens to everyone, no matter how good of a person you are.  Then rethink your feelings and Know its not that persons fault he or she can do something well or has something you don’t. 🙂  Anyways, what I am taking way too long to get to is…. All drama comments will be deleted.

Trying to trick secretnotes??:  Just an FYI, if you make another wordpress acct or sign in as someone else, anyone with a blog can tell.  There are numbers (IP address) that tells us.  Just so you don’t embarrass yourself 😉   I have some people that do that.

Please, No copying: I never copy from anyone and if I get even an idea for something from someone elses blog I always give them credit for the idea.  (as you see at the top of this page)  So please do not copy me.  I work so hard for my blog to be original.  I do not mind if you use my pictures as long as you give me credit on your blog.

Hey guys this is Super……….. I would like to add another rule…. (Secret if you want to delete it you can)..No Bad Words Please

Hey, Its Karly/Mizz Guetta.. Yes this was all writtin by secretnotes/5hannon but I’d like to keep it because it is a perfect set of rules and to remind you this was originally secretnotes/5hannon blog. It started of as a Dizzywood blog and she has trusted me to take control of it. Please follow these rules as they are very important for this blog. :]


68 comments on “My Rules Page…

  • she isnt mean, she doesnt want people to copy her.
    thats not mean, and she doesnt want other members to be hurt by offensive language and stuff….

  • Hi secretenotes i really love your site a millon.I just want to be your friend plz im really nice my name in dizzywood is girldizzy500.Could you just plese be my friend?

    Love’ girldizzy500

  • it didn’t come out mean.

    I LOVE your blog.

    Anyway, i am also a NO DRAMA person and i wanted to tell you something:

    its a glitch actually. Zap yourself and levitate. then zap yourself again and if you cant levitate it is working. walk and you will not use your feet to walk, and your legs, i think…

    Anyway, byee!!!


  • girldizzy500,

    to meet secretnotes,
    you just really bump into her. I’m her friend when I bumped into her in the garden gazebo. It takes patience because when I was searching for secretnotes it took about a week!


  • Could WE Make A Meet Up One Day But Like You Said ITS VERY RARE!

    SECRETNOTES- Of course cheekers! Silly goose you don’t count!!

  • erm could i meet ya on dizzywood some time because i have been searching for you for 5 weeks! and you too cheekers for 4 weeks and 5 days!

    SECRETNOTES~Yes i will try. (please put your friend code only in the notepad) 🙂

  • JollyJolly If Ya Wanna Meet ME Im Usally ON Wobbly But Sometimes ON Whirly It Matter Where My Friends Are Expect There Mostly On Wobbly.

  • secret uhhhh….
    soo are you in school lol??
    if so, are you in a year round school and on break?
    im home sick….

  • How do you add your site to the blogroll thingy? no one goes on my site.

    not even 1 person except me

    SECRETNOTES~ Whats your link? And I have been on your site before, and saw all your birds!

  • Not mean at all, like other people have said. Anyway, does the “link” thing work? And am I on your blogroll? I don’t see my name anywhere!!!!!!! I have you on mine! 😦 And you haven’t been on my website in a LONG time either. I always come look at yours to see what you’ve been up to.


  • Hey!
    IDK if your on my buddylist becuase your suer seems fimilier but if not then my user is S2the. Also you seem very nice and you would never want to hurt someones feelings. Plz try to remember my user cuz i hope to c u some day! 🙂

  • Hello people! 😀
    Please join ourWorld from here..

    just click me, dont worry 😛 i wont bite you
    Join up on ourWorld and then search me up and send a friends request, ill help newcomers around ourWorld. 🙂
    & im always accepting friend requests 😛

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