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50,000 By Dec 2nd

Published November 16, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

December 2nd will be my Blog’s 3 month Birthday!

I would love to have 50,000 hits for a present  🙂

So be sure to visit often!


Lost Turtle Bug~ Gold member mission?

Published November 16, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Ok my peeps!  Here we go!  lol… Sorry to much Caffenine.  Anyways,  Head down to the crystal catacombs and put on your Fancy Mining helmet!


Then go behind this rock and trigger a lever


Then Zap the purple zapper thing to get the door to open



Go through the jumper game collecting all the tnt barrells.  After you come out of the jumper game turn left and use your invisisbility to get through the green laZZEeerRRR Beam (sorry, caffenine again)  And there is the turtle bug!!! YaY you saved him! 


Im gonna keep him!  What?!?!?  What you mean I cant keep him!!! I want a turtle bug!  Its not fair!  FINDERS KEEPERS!!! NOoooOOOOooo! YOU CANT TAKE MY TURTLE BUG!!

Huh?  I  can have 500 coins instead?  *wipes tears*  ok, i guess.

Beach Cleanup- A Moonpebble mission

Published November 15, 2008 by supersisof3

In this mission you walk around and pick 6 peices of garbage

Theres Cans, boots, and something that looks like food.(i almost missed the food stuff)


At the end it says that They wish you would come and do it every day so maybe its like the “Dig for Dubloons” Mission. Meaning you can do it every day.

~_~ Supersis

Fallen Critters-a moonpebble mission.

Published November 15, 2008 by supersisof3

In this mission you have to save the critters that fell into the Chasm

I Give ALL Credit to Anglegirl13 Aka Wow333

The Bucket is in the Explorer Camp


The Pully is in Presto’s Edge next to Timothy

dizzysnapshot2And the Rope is in Jaguar Temple

dizzysnapshot3then you take it to Moonpebble who is next to the Chasm

dizzysnapshot1Then “Jump” into the chasm and click a critter


And Your done!

~_~ Supersis

moonpebbles has come back!

Published November 15, 2008 by ~♫♥♪{¢}эℓℓιє≈{¢}υℓℓєη♫♥♪~

Moonpebbles has arrived to dizzywood!!!!!!!He/she is in the Tanglevine Jungle near where u get ur invisablity powers.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.u’ll get 100 coins!


PS for the moon rocks mission there in the prestos edge and garden gazbo i found them there so look EVERYWHERE!