Rescue the Garden Sprite

Published September 19, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

The Purple Key is in The Garden Gazebo:

The Cage is in Tanglevine Jungle, Kind of hard to see:

And I got nothing!! I repeat NOTHING for doing the activity.  I guess I shouldn’t have complained about the 25 coins on the Olivia mission…  😦


30 comments on “Rescue the Garden Sprite

  • Hi i really want to be your friend
    i also saw u aorund but i dont think u wanted to be my friend secrenotes and another thing do u know where to get the bloack sunglass i am not talking bout the beach ones or some thing else i am talking bout the one u could get a sunglass its like a mission too. if u find it plz tell me and be my friend
    Love ya arijah

  • Arijah!!! Of course I want to be your friend.. If it was just a short time ago i might have been trying to take my new avatar pic and didn’t see it. If you can get on now. tell me and which server??

  • if u wanna get quick money just go on ur missions tab and press skate shop delivery.u get 300 coins each time
    what i do is stay at skytown and keep pressing the mission and the skateshop.u get so much coins

  • secretnotes can i be your buddy?? im usually on breezy and i got 300 for that mission! thx for the guide anyway

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