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awww i love our chiks!     They died from a fox on 28 October 2009





Love, kbate11

Best friend shout outs <3

Paris: Paris is actually my actual best-friend, she has helped me in dancing and she is basically a massive part of my life ❤ We will always be friends no matter what and im not joking. We have never fought and never will. She is perfect in many ways, I thank her for so many things. ❤

Hayley: Your an amazing person that makes Paris and my group at school the funniest ❤ You throw the best parties, i will be attending a big one soon :] Our group are all going to the same High-school and there, we will all go through the biggest things together.

Carlie: Carlie was so great to me, we are still friends on facebook but we dont exactly chat that much. I think we have both moved on. I’d seriously love the chance to speek to her again though. Miss ya bubz ❤

Naomi: Naomi is my best friend in real life and online! We love all the same things, she’ll stick up for you no matter what. Shes a great friend we have alot in common, we met online first then in reality because she joined my school. Thank you club penguin :]

Lydia: Miss her soo much.. Lydia, if you ever read this.. comment on it.. im so desperate on catching up!! xox

More to come.. xx

Well this might be a surprise this me in real life (im 12)



Haha yessss, thats my hair unbrushed and frizzed from the trampaline :


This is me and my bestie, on the bus c(: (im on the left)



well t-t-t-thats it

Love, Karly


10 comments on “Random Page

  • btw cheekers got real upset when u wer brb on dw cuz dizzy rockerz is all girls and he wnated to join i feel bad so next time u see him can u aplogise 4 me cuz he’d porbz listen to u ^^
    btw is the header pic of u in real life?

    kbate: Lol nah thats my fav singer Taylor Swift ill put a picture of me on the page

  • WASSUP GURLFRIEND?! im almost ten:( tomorrows my b-day!!!! turnin 10 too! gift me for ourworld!!!! im so poor 😦 plzzzzz? im weird i no! my account is XxdevilgurlxX u look so cute!!! i wanna pinch u!

  • We have tons in common 😛 I have a blog you have a blog your goal is to reach 100,000 more hits my goal is to reach 100,000 hits 😀 Your in your 100,000’s like me too !!

    Im 10 2 .


  • O.o , But i look older than you lol , I look about 12 cuz im tall you could c my pics on msn if u want

    im effort_cooki3 @ hotmail.com 🙂

    kbate11: Lol these pics are old =P ill put some new ones up people think i look 13 o.O LOL

  • awww im 11 turnin 12 on march 17th lol u look awsum in your pics, i wish i cud upload one in your web, but then its yours lol, lookin awsumm, u really are and its so nice how u wrote about your mates xxx hope 2 talk 2 u l8 xxx

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