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Dance Party

Published October 31, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

 Click tombstone to get into the party, in presto edge..



I’m there all alone cuz NO ONE asked me…. *sigh*  Poor poor secretnotes… 

Nevermind, I got asked… Awwwww!  lol



He always comes through for me!  lol


Mission: Trick or Treat ~Supersis~

Published October 31, 2008 by supersisof3

For this mission you have to find the “Rock Bogie”

He’s in the Chasm

Then you have to pick either Trick or Treat. I picked TRICK and got NOTHING

DO NOT PICK TRICK!!!!!!!! Take my Advice I got NOTHING PICK TREAT!!!!!!!!

but if you pick trick you have to wait 10 minutes and then you can pick Treat 😉

More Gold coin Places! ~Supersis~

Published October 31, 2008 by supersisof3

I don’t remember how much money i got but they are there!

Ghost ray that tree. I think that some people don’t have this one. (i know that was bad grammar but Hey!)

If any one has any other places for the Boxes or the Coins tell…umm….Well tell and worker c( :

Halloween Dance party site (pathfinders only)(for now)

Published October 30, 2008 by supersisof3

for all the path finders, when you log in the window will pop up (you know what im talking about right?)

well do what it says to get the Password (aka keyword to some people). Then take the password to the Explorers Journal and type it in. after that you go over to the Explorers Camp SIGN and you will see a Tombstone with R.I.P on it. Click it! and you will get to be the first to see the sight for the Halloween Dance (on halloween(duh!))

heres what it looks like ( i did it in Black and white so you wouldnt know how much color there was)

We were dancing!!!!

P.S there is Music!

the secret

Published October 30, 2008 by oli

okay everyone. cba went online today and told me everyone started asking “y r u quitting?”, so cba ogt really upset. ( i didnt tell anyone cba. gigi i hate to think it was u but i know it couldnt be me or cba, and ur the only other person who knows. anyways, thats the secret. cba kept it a secret because if she told everyone would keep begging and crying and blah blah blah. so she only told me and i promised i wouldnt tell – and i didnt. but gigi took a guess and i dont like lieing to friends. gigi promised she wouldnt tell, but somehow everyone found out. well, i just talked to cba on meebo. she said if she knows her PW then she’ll get tempted to go on, but she really doesnt want to go on DW, so she told me a lot of random numbers through meebo and after i copied it down on a sheet of paper she set it as her DW password. she’s quitting today, so i’ll be doing the missions for her. everytime u see cba’s account online and its me i’ll say something like “its oli” so u know its me. if u dont believe me ask cba.

*The Tear Of Friendeship*

    The alarm clock rang really loud and Oli jumpd out of bed in surprise. “Morning already?” Oli said as she got up and stuggled to get untangled from her covers. “Meow!” Melody purred as she looked at Oli. Oli put on black shorts and a blue faded tank top (her usual morning clothes) and went to the kitchen to serve her critters’ breakfast. Oli was happily enjoying the new day, but when her eye caught a glimpse of the calender, her smile suddenly dissappeared. She held the calender closer. “It’s today” she told herself with a gloomy tone. She dropped the calender on her watermelon-shaped-table and sighed as if she were in deep thought. She looked quickly at the T.V. but just looked back at the calender and sighed again. Melody meowed in question-like voice, but Oli just patted her on the head and laid on the couch as if it were a bed. She put her head on the sofa’s arm and tried not to cry, but ended up crying anyways.

    All of a sudden the phone rang, “Hello?” Oli asked into the phone, her voice trembling. “Hey Oli it’s Ducky” responded Ducky. “Oh hi Ducky” Oli said, still in a depressed tone. “You okay?” Ducky asked curiously. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine” Oli replied, although she knew it wasn’t true. She wiped a tear from her eye, “Listen, I’m in the middle of something, so I’ll talk to you later.” “Okay” was all Ducky was able to say before Oli hung up the phone. She looked over at the clock, it was 12:01. Oli saw her photo album next to the T.V., she knew what she had to do. She grabbed the album in the blibk of an eye and got her coat and keys as she left out the door.

    Oli impatiently knocked on Cba’s door. “Oli? Oh hey.” Cba said with a yawn as she opened the door and let Oli in, “What are you doing here so early in the morning?” “I wanted to make the most of today as possible,” Oli told Cba in a sweet voice, “but I wanted today to be different – just you and me – without all of the other people crying and shouting and making it hard to think strait.” Cba laughed a little and nodded, “Okay, c’mon in.”, she opened the door and Oli came right in. “I love the new skyland home.” Oli said as she looked around the bright room. “Thanks” Cba replied as she served soda in two cups and handed one to Oli , “Want some?” “Sure” Oli responded, taking a sip out of her drink. “So what exactly do you want to do?” Cba asked looking at the album. “Oh, this? I brought it because I thought we could look through some old pictures.” Oli explained, handing Cba a pretty pink album titled “Cba & Oli Pics”. Cba opened up the album looking carefully through each page.

    She stoped at a picture dated “September 12, 2008″ and smiled. Then she closed the book, marking the page with her finger. “We’ve been friends for a pretty long while.” she said looking at Oli. “We sure have” Oli agreed, leaning closer to see the other pictures.

Soon the clock read “1:20″. “Remember this one?” Oli asked Cba, pointing to another picture. “Oh yeah, that was the time we were at Rock Maze. ) “, Cba said joyfully. The time passed by seconds, minutes, and hours as both girls sat on the couch eating chips and remembering a story for each picture they saw. They smiled, they laughed, they cried. The pictures brought back good memories and bad ones, but it was good to know they had faced each one together.

    They came in contact with another old photo. “Wasn’t this one from the time I was real upset over you and Tis quitting?” Oli looked at the pic and asked Cba curiously. “Yeah, I think it was.” answered Cba. They looked at the picture closely, almost as if they were inside the picture, reliving each second. Oli looked at Cba, who was still staring at the picture, “You really are my bestest friend in the whole Dizzyworld.” Oli said truthfully. Cba smiled sweetly and they looked back at the picture.

    Oli look at the clock once again, “It’s almost 2:00, I think we should watch a movie or something before the day is over.” “Okay” Cba agreed, closing the album, but she didn’t notice that a photo fell out. Both girls laughed and talked as they walked towards the room. “You find a good movie, I’ll make us some popcorn.” Cba demanded as she left for the kitchen. “Sure thing,” Oli said “How ’bout scary?” “Perfect!” Cba yelled back from the kitchen. Oli found a classic “don’t go in the closet” type of movie and settled on the bed, ready for a thrill. Cba came back and placed the bowl of popcorn in between both her and Oli. In the movie, everytime a zombie broke inside the house or punched his hand into a window Oli and Cba would jump in surprise, scream, and huddle up in fright. “Good choice” Cba said, her eyes glued to the screen. “Thanks” Oli responded, watching the movie as well.

    After the movie was over, it was 4:30. “Wanna go for a walk around the Glen?” Cba suggested. “It sounds nice, but there’ll be too amny people,” Oli said with a sigh “and maybe Diz will show up, or Collection, or something else might happen that could ruin all the fun.” “True” Cba sighed as well. Oli smiled as an idea came to her head. “Farthing’s Meadow” she said in pride. Cba looked puzzled, “Wasn’t it….er…removed?” she asked with a gulp, remembering the good times she spent there. “So they say, but I know a secret way of getting into the Meadow – we’ll have to get to the Glen first though.” Oli whispered to Cba. “My back door leads right into the Glen.” Cba proudly replied. “Great! D That means, were going to Farthing’s Meadow!” Oli said, with a special highlight on the last two words. Cba was bursting with excitement, “Can we make this some sort of secret mission?” “Sure! It’ll be sooo much fun!” Oli almost jumped at the thought of all the fun they’ll have.

    Both Cba and Oli wore a light blue faded tank top and a white skirt. They catiously peaked outside the back door, “All clear” they told each other. Cba sneaked behind a tree. Oli crouched under a big bush. Slowly they moved to another hiding spot that was closer to the “keep out sign”. Before long, the were right next to it. “This is it” Oli whispered. Cba and Oli opened the keep out sign’s door and slithered in without a sound. Rat Wraith wasn’t there, he was trying to catch a piece of “cheese”, which was actually just Cba’s bunnycorn painted yellow with dark yellow spots, it was part of the plan. Cba looked around, but it just looked old and smelly. “Are you sure this is the right place?” Cba asked, looking disguistingly around the dirty room. “Yeah” Oli repeated for the fifth time that day.

Oli walked around looking carefully around the walls until she stopped at a spot covered in moss, dead plants, and bugs. “Help” Oli demanded as she removed a lot of the “decorations” of the wall. “Bu-” “-Just help me remove all this.” Oli demanded again in a sure voice. Cba put aside her questions and nodded. Together they took out everything on that section of the room. Soon, a crack of light appeared from a corner. “Keep pushing” Oli said for incouragement. After five minutes the secret door was almost completely opened. They heard someone heading for the other door, it sounded like Rat Wraith! “Oh no!” they screamed in a too-low-to-hear voice. They pushed the door with all their strength and finally opened it! They stepped outdie the door and without looking around, they closed the door behind them right before Rat Wraith entered the room.

    Now that they were safe, they turned around and saw a green plain that stretched for miles and miles. A big blue sky watched over the field, with a golden-yellow sun hovering right in the middle of the sky. Bluebirds sang their sweet songs and flowers of different colors danced along. “Its all so beautiful.” Cba exclaimed in amazement. Oli nodded. For a long while they ran around and rolled in the grass. They held birds on the tip of their finger. They sang soothing songs to the baby flowers to help them grow. But unfortunetly they had forgotten their cameras.

    “At least we had the chance to experience the magic of it all – and together too.” Oli peacefully said with a big grin on her face. They were lieing on the grass on top of a big hill, watching the clouds roam by. “And we had a lot of fun.” Cba added. They pointed out what each cloud looked like and ate some berries. But after a couple of hours they decided to head back. When they got to Cba’s they both took a shower and talked about their great adventures they shared today. The berries were tasty and all, but it was hours since they had a real meal, so they ate some pizza and then fell asleep (they were very tired after all the fun they had).

    It was now 8:00 pm. Cba had packed all her favorite belongings in a suitcase with Oli’s help. They were both crying more than ever before. Both friends had promised themselves they’d be brave, but that was too big a word. The pillows they lied on were wet from tears, their hearts were soar from the truth they could no longer deny, and their friendship, well, they both knew that as hard as they tried, it wouldn’t last forever. Eventually their memories would fade away, they’d find new friends, and their lives would go on. They could no longer hold on, they had to move on and find a new shoulder to cry on; a new person to smile and share their special moments with. They just couldn’t live in a fantasy anyone.

    They heard the honk of the car, and knew it was time. Cba grabbed her suitcase; Oli grabbed her album and coat. Cba noticed the photo on the floor. “Here” Cba handed Oli the picture. “You keep it, as a memory.” Oli insisted, still both friends crying. Cba wiped a tear; Oli sniffed. “Ready?” Cba looked at her friend, trying to be brave for the both of them. Oli felt a knot in her stomach, her heart pounded hard, and her mind yelled at her more than a million times to say “no”, but she nodded anyways, knowing it wasn’t a question. Then they walked outside together. Oli almost broke into tears seeing a “for sale” sign on the front of the house. A whole bunch of friends surrounded the front yard. Some friends were weeping like two year olds, others bit their lips to stop themselves from crying. When they all saw Cba they rushed over to her from every direction. They hugged her, told her how much they would miss her, and wished her good luck. After everyone said goodbye, Cba squeezed her way out of the croud. All the friends cried and waved at her. Oli stood in front of the crowd, next to Cba. “Just remember that there will always be a special place for you in my heart.” Oli told Cba. “Same here” Cba agreed. The two best friends hugged and cried. Cba walked over to the car, right before she stepped into the car Oli called out “Goodbye Cba! I’ll miss you!” “I’ll miss you a whole lot too!” Cba called back. They waved to each other sadly. Cba got in the car, looking back at Oli. Oli was looking at her too. The car started its engine and drove off, getting smaller and smaller every second. One by one each friend left, seeing no point of staring at a car that would soon disappear. Very quickly everyone was gone, everyone except Oli. She stood looking at the car, which now looked the size of an ant. Oli stood at that spot as if Cba was still there. “Goodbye” Cba and Oli both said, looking at the sun and hoping each other was listening. Just then, a tear fell down both their cheeks at the same time.

~The End~

Halloween Costume Dance Party ~Kbate11~

Published October 29, 2008 by kbate11

Halloween is just a few days away! Do you have your best costume ready?

We’ve been scouting out a good place to hold our Halloween Costume Dance Party, and we’re having no luck! We did however come across this place:

What do you think? Should we have the party here? It’s not too spooky, right? A couple empty grave stones, bats, and who knows what else…

Light here Dark there ~Supersis~

Published October 29, 2008 by supersisof3

its dark all over Dw for hallowen right? Right.

but then why not in all of the houses?

heres my house(its dark)

then Jollyjolly and I went to Her house (not dark)

and then we went to 3c2b1a’s house (not dark)

And then We went to Secretnotes’ House (NOT DARK!!!)

and yes we did say “pie”, I was getting Bored with “cheese”

and last but not least I went by myself to Roxxygirl101’s  house beacuse i wanted to make sure that i wasnt the only one with a Dark house Turns out I wasn’t!!

soooo all you people with Fancy houses,enjoy the light while i sit in the dark 🙂

P.S this is my first post!! 🙂