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Journall Entryy

Published February 8, 2009 by dwsecretnotes

Chief Poobah Reports On The Road To Canal City

by Kat de Claw on February 6, 2009

Please look away if you’re squeamish to monsters or can’t handle stomach-churning images. Luckily, I was able to snap this picture from behind an overgrown shrub before this monster was able to catch up to me. But just look at it! I wanted to show you what we’re up against once we begin work on the road to Canal City. Don’t get me wrong, I would never put any of you in danger, but I’m going to need your help.  
I’ve been scouting these dark areas of Wildwood Forest with fellow Dizzywood inhabitants and we think we’ve found the road that will take us through. It looks like we’re almost ready to begin work. You’ve got your construction hats on, right? And safety glasses? 

You don’t? Oh my, if you don’t have either of these, there is absolutely no way that you’ll be able to begin working on the road. I won’t have that, it’s much too dangerous!

My job as Dizzywood Chief Poobah requires me to watch over all of the Known Lands and keep it clear of any harm that can be brought on by Emperor Withering or anyone else. And these monsters, infesting our way into Canal City are no exception! How else are we supposed to get past these swamp monsters if we don’t work together? We’re making such great progress, and we’re so close…we just need the proper tools and machinery to get us through. Our hats just aren’t enough!

I’m going to ask my dear friend Chanjo if he can lend a hand and help us build something that will help us get through this road. In the meantime, encourage others to rally with us in the efforts to get to Canal City. This is going to take all the Dizzy power we can get!

Dizzywood Chief Poobah,
Kat de Claw





WE NEED HELP -bambooe-

Published February 8, 2009 by bambooez



Chief Pathfinder Burrows is calling his team of Dizzywood Pathfinders to action! Work on the road to Canal City will begin soon and Pathfinders are helping Explorers gear up in preparation. Construction helmets are being passed around by Pathfinders everywhere, so keep an eye out for our helpful friends. They’ve been given special instructions from CP Burrows to deliver helmets to as many Explorers as possible. The work that’s going to be needed to rebuild and clear this road is going to take all of us, so make sure you find a Pathfinder to help you get your construction helmet!

Want to become a part of the Dizzywood Pathfinder team? CP Burrows is always looking to expand his team, and with so many new and exciting things happening in Dizzywood, now is the perfect time to pay him a visit in the Crystal Catacombs. As a Pathfinder you’ll get the inside scoop on everything Dizzy, secret codes to unlock top secret blog posts & more! Find out how to become a Pathfinder from CP Burrows himself. 

Tip: Look for crates with the official Pathfinder seal (pictured above) and click on them to get your construction hat.

Halloween Costume Dance Party ~Kbate11~

Published October 29, 2008 by kbate11

Halloween is just a few days away! Do you have your best costume ready?

We’ve been scouting out a good place to hold our Halloween Costume Dance Party, and we’re having no luck! We did however come across this place:

What do you think? Should we have the party here? It’s not too spooky, right? A couple empty grave stones, bats, and who knows what else…

Gather around for a scary storry

Published October 27, 2008 by likerofknowledge1

There’s an old story that no one ever likes to talk about in Dizzywood

We’re not even sure that we should tell it now, because it’s said that anyone that listens to the story and retells it will-

Did you hear that-deep voices-coming from below our feet-the sound of awakened Jaguar Ghosts-and it sounds like they’re-

Sssshhh! We can’t let them know that you’re listening! We’ll try and tell you as much as we can before it gets too dark.

Strange behavior began to haunt Dizzywood years and years ago. We weren’t around then, but this story has been passed down from generation to generation from explorers just like you.

It all began when people started exploring the Crystal Catacombs and hiking deeper into Elder Mines. Explorers got greedy, and began taking every crystal their little hands could grab, stuffing everything into their backpacks. One explorer, no one can remember her name, swore that she heard voices coming from within the walls. She closed her eyes hoping that when she opened them the sounds would go away. But they didn’t. The voices grew louder. Ear-piercing as if they were getting closer. She looked behind, calling for her partner, “Is that you? Where are you? I can’t see you!”

The small torch that she held to guide her through the mines soon blew out. The air around her grew cold and she found it harder to breath. Remembering she had a flashlight in her backpack just in case, she reached back to pull it out. When she took it out, she realized that it felt lighter then usual. There were no batteries! Someone had taken them out!

We’re sorry, but we cannot continue with the story. It is getting much too dark now, and we shouldn’t take the risk. What do you think happened next? Do you have a scary story to share? Let’s hear it!

This is my first post!!!

Journal Entry

Published October 17, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Last Day to Register

Written by dizzywoodexplorersjournal on October 16, 2008 – 1:42 pm

Today is the last day to register if you wish to partake in the 2008 Elections for Chief Poobah!

It is tremendously important that you register if you want to vote for one of the three candidates running, because once the registration box goes away, you will no longer be able to register or vote.

Those of you that have already registered and can’t wait to cast your vote, you’ve got one more day to support your candidates by continuing to rally throughout Dizzywood with your posters, t-shirts, and hats! Now is the perfect time to ask around to see who everyone else is voting for. We’ve got to spread the word to get everyone in Dizzywood involved in this election!

We sat down with each of the candidates to ask them a few final questions before the voting booth opened:

DW: How do you feel about Presto stepping down from Chief Poobah?

Kat: Oh, well, I have much respect for Presto. He’s been nothing but helpful to me and my garden. I have many fond memories of him-especially from his picnic! He grills the best burgers! It’s comforting to know that he will still be around, but I must say I am ready to follow in his footsteps as the next Chief Poobah.

Cecil: Presto’s my bro, no doubt! He’s been a super Poobah, but it’s his time to step down, and my time to step up!

Melinda: Presto is such a kind soul. He’s helped make Dizzywood so peaceful. I would never dream of replacing him, but since his four years has come to an end, I would gladly pick up the reins.

DW: How will you help keep the citizens safe from Emperor Withering?

Kat: There’s no better way to fight off the damage of his Belch Factories than growing some plants! Am I right? Who’s with me?

Cecil: I’ve got things covered, don’t you even fret! A little pinch here and a pinch there, and he’s outta here!

Melinda: Are you kidding me? I’m the Move Master! Withering and his henchmen stand no chance against my moves. I’ve perfected them, and shared them with all the citizens of Dizzywood! Together we will all defeat him!

And there you have your potential Poobahs. Who will it be? It’s up to you!

Once the Voting Booth opens (tomorrow), make sure to cast your votes!

Important note: You may only vote once! So make sure that you vote for the candidate that you wish to be the next Chief Poobah.


Published October 13, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Are You a Registered Dizzywood Citizen?

Written by dizzywoodexplorersjournal on October 12, 2008 – 2:04 pm

Monkey Jam, Kat Club, Cecil Scene….which party is going to take away the votes for Chief Poobah this coming weekend?

If you haven’t already registered, you must! The voting for Chief Poobah is nearing and if you’re not registered, you won’t be able to vote! The registration box can be located in the center of Presto’s Edge, near Election Officiant, Admiral Hawksbill, you can’t miss it. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you speak to all the running candidates to hear their campaign promise, before you decide on who to vote for.

It’s an exciting time for all Dizzywood citizens. With the power in your hands, it is up to each and every one of you to elect the next Poobah. We can already tell it’s going to be a close race. There has been a record number of citizens registering and donating to the party of their choice, rallying their support with posters, hats, and t-shirts of their hopeful candidate.

Make sure your fellow Explorers have registered for the election! And mark it on your calendars folks, this Friday, October 17th, the polls will open for voting!

Newest Journal entry…

Published October 9, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Elections for Dizzywood Chief Poobah

Written by dizzywoodexplorersjournal on October 8, 2008 – 6:09 pm
Every four years a very important election is held in Dizzywood for the position of Chief Poobah. This weekend every explorer in Dizzywood can meet the candidates and register!  Presto the raccoon is Dizzywood’s current Chief Poobah and he’s sadly stepping down after four excellent years of serving the Dizzy citizens.  He’s had a great run and is now ready to hand the reigns over to the next qualified candidate.

What are the responsibilities of a Chief Poobah?

As Chief Poobah, a candidate must first and foremost decide where the magic and technological resources of Dizzywood should go.  That means organizing and convincing all of Dizzywood’s various Weather Wizards, Elixir Mechanics, Steam Engineers, Crystal Crafters, Pathfinders, and Skyland Aerialists to pool their efforts into a civic cause.  In addition, a qualified Poobah must warn citizens of plots by Emperor Withering, attend new airship launches, lead parades, and give the kick-off speech at the annual Winter Festival.  It’s a very important job!

Brief history of Poobahs:

In past years, holders of the position of Chief Poobah have made decisions that have had both magnificent results and tragic results. It is thanks to Presto, for example, that humans have been able to explore Dizzywood.  He enlisted his best friend Chanjo to build the tubes that provide access from our world to Dizzywood.  Sadly, Presto’s predecessor was a small-minded and selfish Chief Poobah whose only accomplishment was to halt maintenance on the road from Wildwood to Canal City. This neglect resulted in an infestaton of monsters that has to this day made traveling between the forest and city nearly impossible.

Who is running for Chief Poobah in ‘08?

This year three citizens completed their petitions to become candidates: resident gardener Katherine de Claw, beach denizen Cecil Sideshuffle, and master of moves Melinda Swingtail. Each candidate has created his and her own party and has laid out their party’s platform.  The three Bjorn brothers, Edward, Einar, and Elof, have each volunteered to one candidate to help distribute signs, hats, shirts, and banners to get the word out.  The candidates all have very convincing ideas, so it’s going to be a tough race!

It’s up to you!

It’s a very important role and it’s up to every Dizzywood citizen to make sure that the person who holds the office is honorable, trust-worthy, intelligent, open to new ideas, and fair.  Don’t forget to register this weekend so you can cast your vote next weekend!