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Newest explorer journal entry

Published October 2, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Hocus Pocus, Stars and Telescopes

Written by dizzywoodexplorersjournal on October 1, 2008 – 10:08 pm

As childhood friends, two small owls came together underneath starlit nights to play a weekly game of Chess. Nocturne would take his time scientifically planning each move, while friend Archimedes could be heard casting spells just waiting to call checkmate.

“My friend, you will never win a game of skill with magic,” Nocturne would say. “I am sorry, but the only way to win is to know your opponents moves through mathematical probabilities!”

As they continued to grow, their arguments did as well and it soon came time for the both of them to attend university. There was no question about it, eager to possess higher magical abilities Archimedes was going to mentor with a wizard. “Wait until you see my new magical powers,” Archimedes told his friend, “then you’ll see that magic is far superior to science!”  It didn’t matter much to Nocturne, he had chosen a different path. He was on his way to Skypoint Observatory to study the phenomena that comes from outside our atmosphere. Nocturne was determined to gain a richer understanding of our world through the stars he could see every night.

Years went by without the two friends speaking to each other, they were so busy with their studies. But they never once put each other out of their minds. Archimedes sighed at the image of his lifelong friend staring off into the stars wasting his time with his telescopes, while Nocturne giggled at the thought of Archie with a staff in his hands, mumbling his hocus pocus.


Stars in Presto Edge

Published September 30, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

There are stars on the ground now at Presto’s Edge.  They are pretty, but as far as I can tell they are just for coins. Similar to the jewels in Explorer camp.

Ignore the bubble head…