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Published February 14, 2009 by dwsecretnotes

Im a lil lost as what exactly is the point of this but…  First u clear away all the small blue/purple toxic plants by placing the electric bouning game thing. (whats it called?)  then you keep playn the same game.. u will grow to really hate this game.. over and over until you get a yellow badge.. then.. idk.. then what? cuz idk?  lol




Journall Entryy

Published February 8, 2009 by dwsecretnotes

Chief Poobah Reports On The Road To Canal City

by Kat de Claw on February 6, 2009

Please look away if you’re squeamish to monsters or can’t handle stomach-churning images. Luckily, I was able to snap this picture from behind an overgrown shrub before this monster was able to catch up to me. But just look at it! I wanted to show you what we’re up against once we begin work on the road to Canal City. Don’t get me wrong, I would never put any of you in danger, but I’m going to need your help.  
I’ve been scouting these dark areas of Wildwood Forest with fellow Dizzywood inhabitants and we think we’ve found the road that will take us through. It looks like we’re almost ready to begin work. You’ve got your construction hats on, right? And safety glasses? 

You don’t? Oh my, if you don’t have either of these, there is absolutely no way that you’ll be able to begin working on the road. I won’t have that, it’s much too dangerous!

My job as Dizzywood Chief Poobah requires me to watch over all of the Known Lands and keep it clear of any harm that can be brought on by Emperor Withering or anyone else. And these monsters, infesting our way into Canal City are no exception! How else are we supposed to get past these swamp monsters if we don’t work together? We’re making such great progress, and we’re so close…we just need the proper tools and machinery to get us through. Our hats just aren’t enough!

I’m going to ask my dear friend Chanjo if he can lend a hand and help us build something that will help us get through this road. In the meantime, encourage others to rally with us in the efforts to get to Canal City. This is going to take all the Dizzy power we can get!

Dizzywood Chief Poobah,
Kat de Claw