New Updates

Published January 24, 2010 by kbate11

Here’s some updates ^_^

The Residents Tiger Bed xD

and some Tiger Clothes =P RAWR ^_^

And there’s a Crew Directory o: I bet my crew will be in there ;] ( xl EPiC lx )

And this is my fav … Pandora Box :]

I really like the Light one ^^ but i could only find an outfit of Dark Clothing..

Yeah Im in-love with the 3 Headed cat xD

so wooo i cant wait!! it comes out on the 25th Jan

yayyy :]



Newest Gem Coupon

Published January 20, 2010 by kbate11

Hey this code gives 10 gems (:




Tool Bar Needed! click her to enter withput tool bar


New Updates on ourworld!

Published January 13, 2010 by kbate11

heyy theres a new place called Nevermore oh yeah!! its awsome here are some pics of it

and my fav thing about it is teh shop xDD

:] enjoy all the new things!

Luv, Karly


The Falling Pandas!!

Published January 12, 2010 by kbate11

Hey everyone Moochi, me and MysteryOfun made a crew named Falling pandas :] if a wanna join u can ask ;] please help advertise the crew :]

Luv, Karly

Falling Pandas


Newest January Code

Published January 12, 2010 by kbate11

omg 2010??!! woot (: it was my bday on the 9th of jan (: im now 11! woo anyway the newest code of Jan is here =p




New Changes

Published January 10, 2010 by kbate11

Hey everyone i have noticed the blog hits are gone dowwwn.. my internet slowed down for more then a week so i couldnt post but i am going to do post everyday about ourworld and other random stuff (:

Luv, Karly xox


December Code

Published December 31, 2009 by kbate11

You need the toolbar to put this code in ikr its not fair for those who do not have the toolbar 😦