New Gem Code

Published January 25, 2010 by kbate11

Just got it today. (:



24 comments on “New Gem Code

  • Hey its maizy’s friend. o.o Someone on cookie’s blog says your copying her or however you spell it xD. Is it true? 8)
    ~heely o.o

    kbate11: Copying? i went on her blog 2day.. and noticed they’re pretty alike maybe i should do changes? i just got really really bored of my blog i wanted to style it up a bit :\

  • AWESOME blog! You seem to keep up to date on the latest codes. You should join Kid Blogger Society and help the rest of us stay up to date on the codes. Its FREE and you earn points! Check it out at and invite your friends to join too!! 🙂

  • hey, so i hear now tht there is gem codes for 10, 30,80,90,and 100
    is this true if it is i would love to have the code i need them babdly ill be seachin for them if i find any ill put up a comment and put the codes in the comment
    u can look me up on our world my name is


  • It works
    enter it a couple times u will get flow
    the code form aj wprks to
    but takes a couple times of writing it to get up to 1 flow

  • hello kbate11
    could you tell me some tips to make my own blog
    because i am still doing it i know how to do it but i just need to put a little more style in it okay?
    and if you do thanx

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