R.I.P Wiggles and Bickie (my baby chickens)

Published October 28, 2009 by kbate11

Today morning was the saddest day… i got a day off school again because i cannot walk with my stiches… i went down to the chicken pen today with mum to feed all out chickens and i noticed a bit of redish orange hair i thought to my self there was a fox here… and BURST TO TEARS i opened the door to see if any of the chickens were alive my rooster Mayo ran so fast out of the door and showed me one of our dead chickens… Wiggles my baby chik my rooster mayo let me hold him to make me feel better i was still crying and mum rang dad and said there was a fox that killed Wiggles and we still had no clue where Bickie was the youngest baby 😥 i searched and searched and i had no luck i cried with my mum for almost 5 hours and heard the voice of Bickie and Wiggles in my head and thought of the last day i saw them both on the perch with my rooster mayo my mayo doesnt have spers yet but when he does he’ll KILL ANY fox that bothers with us i still am crying with tears thinking about both of them here is a picture of them together :’]



i still cannot stop crying! 😥 i love my babys forever and forever never forget them we are getting new chickens.. no one knows about my dead babies yet 😥


3 comments on “R.I.P Wiggles and Bickie (my baby chickens)

  • my name is pookie5675 so sad to hear about that but thanks for the codes the chick story is so sad good luck!:)

  • me sad for ur little baby chiks I no how u feel..
    When my brother was 13 he buy a chick btw it was crying all day and my brother was torchering it then I started crying because my rbother was gonna throw it out of the belcony btw then he saw me and he stopd and put it back btw not its dead the poor thing 😥
    I had 5 little cats
    2 boys 3 girls
    3 cat girls died
    2 cat boys still alive
    My faveroute cat named tiger died 😥
    The other cat died to by a crash car all the blood on the road R.I.P
    Then I got an other 5 kitties
    3 died AGAIN
    2 boys left
    one got lost
    the other got hit by a car again.
    I had 2 parrots
    They got cold in the winter 😥
    I had 1 bird it died from cold again…
    Don’t keep crying I have more pain in my heart…
    And the pain is very hard…
    I hope you will be ok cause me keep crying…
    I hope ur little chiks R.I.P
    I hope all my animals to R.I.P
    E-mail me….
    We can talk about our animals..
    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

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