New Worker!!

Published October 3, 2009 by happyami

Hi, it’s Ami! I’m a new worker here! I want to thank MisS CxY (sorry, I don’t know what to call you). You guys might know me but my site is I’ll talk about myself so you get to know me better. 😀

From my site:



I don’t know you. Who are ya?I’m happyami. People call me Ami or Happy.

Why happyami? Well, I has VERY happy that day because I was looking forward to new games and stuff, so I had the idea of  iamhappy, but I didn’t like it. I reversed it and it made happyami. Ta-da! Some people thought it was HappyAmi but really it’s HappyAmI. And that’s how I got HAPPYAMI

Do you have a friend in real life that has an account? Actually I do. Her user name is gothictwilight. Yeah, she got to crazy about Twilight. She’s really my BBF (Best Buddy Foreva)! The part I like about her the most is…HER. I like my friends the way they are. If you tell me, I got no enemy in my life.

Any other accounts on DW? Yep! I got 2 back-ups. One is colit12. I don’t really go on the one,though. My other one is my BBF’s gothictwilight. Yeah, I use hers a lot! I make her rich. I think she is mad at me for changing her hair! It was black.

What animal do ya like best? Dogs! They are SO cute. I dislike cats. Dogs are cute and cuddly. Big, small, beautiful, ugly, mean, nice, bald, furry, and best of all SMELLY, or FRAGRANT. I still like them in anyway!

Favorite color? The rainbow.

Favorite food/drink/dessert?Uh…well, I’d go for pizza. Fruit punch. And um..this is tricky..brownies! *eats last crumb from brownie*

Could I be your buddy in DW? Yes…m’ammmmmmm!

What other websites do you play? Only Pixie Hollow.

Favorite words/movie?RaNdOm, faith,and hope. I put hope as my favorite word cuz you can never loose it. Even when you think you lost hope there still is. Deep down there. I’m still hoping for my dog to come back. I know I can NEVER give up. And when you are sad with no hope, but there is hope and you don’t know it, you still have faith.

Are ya a beta tester? Nope.


Some questions are old so don’t read them. THANKSSS!!!


2 comments on “New Worker!!

  • Thanks for making this post HappyAmI u dont have to call me MisS CxY u can call me Karly it doenst matter I put the post on top so more people can read

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