I am SO SO sorry.

Published June 14, 2009 by bambooez


Quite honastly, i do not know if i am even allowed to be posting, i was allowed in the past when secretnotes was in charge, but quite frankly i have not been online anywhere in a while ( 1 or 2 months >.<). Everything in my life has been so busy, and i recently just started playing games again. Although i am online i will not be on Dizzywood any longer, over the past months i feel i have grown out of it. Although me and my friend are working on “making” a virtual world which will, i am sorry to say, have to be a download. I am also becoming a fan or Whirled.com, on this site you can make avatars, furniture, rooms, pets, toys, and so much more. Another site i am getting involved with was made by some friends from the site Xivio.com (which sadly i do not play anymore due to the cruelty placed upon some friends), this site is not a virtual world but a forum for Teens. If you do not know what a forum is it is simply like wordpress, except there are topics and conversations going on.  Below i will place my usernames and links to the sites if any of you would like to catch up, i do not know for sure but there will not be many more or anymore posts from me on here. Thank you :].



Http://www.Whirled.com/friend/290679/world-s476205   User is Kelsey




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