Published April 29, 2009 by kbate11


sorry everyone!! i havent been post O.o i have been at friends everyday and someone on ourworld is being mean =( (DEVILG7RL) but ima start posting mo’ =]


16 comments on “Sorry

  • WTFUDGE?what happened to this being secretnote’s site?i missed out on ALOT of things,WHAT THE FREAK HAPPENED HERE?!?!!

  • wow…. missed a lot didnt I? a lot of hate going around….. and not so nice words seems like middle school… so would you like to explain what happened kbate or do u want everyone to just keep on thinking what they do……..

  • Ok this is what kbate told me:
    1.Secret was quitting dizzywood,so of course she ahd no use for this blog.
    2.Secret gave this blog to kbate and if u dont believe me she commented on a post saying to her she could chnage whatever she wanted.
    3.If u guys dont like this site anymore dont come here kapeesh??!!!

  • secret notes gave her dw account away too but not to me i saw the comment and secret notes said dat kbate can hav to blog and chage wat she wants kbate did not beg for it

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