Earth Day Missions

Published April 23, 2009 by supersisof3

Save The Sea Creatures

All you do is go to the Beach and go Alllllllll the way to the right and click the sign

dizzysnapshot2You will need to put on a Divers Helmet ( thats a weird word ) if you dont have one then go talk to the cra. You know? the crab? <- that way

Then you go to the Reef and pick up all the garbage (only 3 pieces)

dizzysnapshot3and thats all 🙂 P.S. Why I need a Helmet and my critters dont, IDK Dont ask me 🙂

Stop the Pollution
This first thing you do is go to the Jungle….I hope you know where that is 😉 Click the Frog Sprite

dizzysnapshot4Then you play a game to get “Eco Bubbles” Then you go to Explorer Cap and click the sign

dizzysnapshot51it takes you to Gull Island and you need to click on all the black spots and you are done



3 comments on “Earth Day Missions

  • kbate ive got a new username (not a new account i asked dw to chnage it) so i am still on ur buddy list just in dif place ill b on wobbly for next half hour or soo… ill b at ur house if ur on

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