Egg Hunt Missions

Published April 9, 2009 by kbate11

Elinar’s Egg Hunt

the first egg is in Jungle


the 2nd is in Explores Camp


the 3rd one is in under ground place


the 4th one is in Garden Gazebo


the 5th one is in Canal City Road


Edward’s Basket

the basket is in Chasm


Elof’s Game

first u go to Gilbert Square East then talk to Elof


and when ur done his game u get a prize



The Rare Golden Egg (Gold Mission)

the Gold egg is in Delta Carrot Mine


you get Bunny Hop move for find it 😀 (not the same as hop) credit to Chelia for helping me!


14 comments on “Egg Hunt Missions

  • kbate is your real name karly? and is your last name something to do with bate? and what with 11? what is the truth behind ya name??

    Memories xx

  • yes my name is Karly and my last name is Carter but the rest of my Family are Batemans i can be a Bateman whenever i want (i just have a different dad) and im really 10. and 11 is my fav number 😉

  • Hi Sakura and friends, after clicking Edward:

    Within 2 minutes you have to find the basket,

    List the places Edward mentions. It could be any one of those places.

    If you do each Bjorn mission, you will get a total of 3 eggs.

    If you do all missions again, total five times, you get 15 eggs.

    Is it worth the effort?
    How much time and homework have you got?!! Enjoy the fresh air & sunshine!

  • IDK!!!!!!!!!! maybe….not? what do u do with the eggs?????? NOTHING!!!!!!! LOL!!!! :P!!!!!! ANYWAYZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! xx

  • shannon why did you change your name? is the blog tooo much work 4 u??? why did u give the blog 2 kbate? why not supersis or someone? i mean, really kbate of all people u could have picked? dispicable shannon!!!! just dispicible shannon!!!!! lol

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