Rock Bogie Dizzywood Missions

Published April 4, 2009 by kbate11

So far the Rock Bogies have made their presence known by sliming you and teaching you tricks. It looks like they don’t plan on leaving any time soon. Something tells us that they’re going to stay here through the weekend and have a little more fun with you.

Are you up for some more of their tricks and games? Of course you are! How can you resist these silly little creatures?

If you want to have more April Foolery fun with these guys, look for these new Missions:

  • Bogus Crystals
  • Broken Bogie
  • Catch a Bogie (Gold Explorer Mission only)

Bogus Crystals

the first crystal is in Canal City Road


the 2nd crystal is in Jabuar Temple


the 3rd Crystal is in Garden Gazebo


the 4th crystal is in Explores Camp


Broken Bogie

the first broken piece is in The East Of Canal City


the 2nd broken piece is in Sky Town Skate Park


Catch A Bogie (Gold MIssion)

first u have to go tothe beach and pick up this ball thing



(you have 45 secs to go to The Jungle and go to the bogie the bogie isnt next to the rock Maze sign its the place where onca is!


8 comments on “Rock Bogie Dizzywood Missions

  • Hey guys.Remember me Likerofknowledge1.I am now playing Club Penguin bcoz DW wont load.I still luuv this iste.

  • hey i made dizzywood up here and you wanna know why i made it to let you guys have fun but your cheating i will find out who you are then i will ban you all

  • thankyou so much this was a real help keep sening these out please they are so helpful in every way possible allso you go girl!

  • OH MY GOSH that mission was so hard to do! And they changed it to make it harder. You have to get the orange ball and go to the tanglevine jungle, over the river, past Onca, and you have to get there in 45 sec. I used my skate board which helped ALOT and makes it faster and keep using levitation which also made it faster. Now i completed the mission and got a badge for it!!! 😀

  • Hi, I really need to say thanks to your cheats. It helped me with some missions so thx i guess

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