Consult the Fall wizard

Published March 28, 2009 by supersisof3

This is a mission for everyone

First you have to find one of the little scarecrow thingies, which is in Wildwood Glen

dizzysnapshot3You click Him ( or her idk its a Scarecrow) and you have to play a game of Combo Drop.

Then the Fall Wizard pops up a little to the Er… to the right (im not very good with my Lefts and rights)

You click on Him and he says ” You want to know why Kat De Claw’s shrubbery is wilting? I am afraid i cannot fully answer that, but I do know when the wind blows cold the leaves cannot withstand the breeze. I can try and control the wind, but it would help if the Spring Wizard would control the rain. I shall not budge until he does. Stay tuned for more instructions.”

So im Guessing that there will be a seccond part to this mission.

Oh and you get 300 coins for doing this mission 🙂


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