Moving Out…

Published March 23, 2009 by kbate11

hey guys im movin out soon…so when we are packed comp i wont be able to post…i wish u could see the beatiful house! :] its in my old BFF street im so exsited i fort i’de never see her again in my holer life!!


workes ide love it if u could take care of half of the blog for me…Thx if u can! 😀



15 comments on “Moving Out…

  • Hey! thats cool that your moving! I’ve never moved. On June 1st i will have lived in my house for Exactly 13 years! That might sound kind of Cheesey but, Hey, Cheese is yummy 😉 Anyway Yea ill try and keep up with DWs Missions. How long till you can get back on?

  • lol…its 2 story as well : ) super sis i just ment as half cause all u workers could make it all together (inless they cant) then u can do it if yah wont

  • Wishing you peace and happiness always. Remember this, it will help you; Roy. G Biv, (the colours of the rainbow). I wish your life is full of happiness and bright light. Wishing you and your family the brightest light for the future and remember, God will guide you to your destiny! If you ever need to talk please contact me at
    Remember, keep smiling!

    Good luck

    Love you, kbate11

    Memories xx

  • hey um today i think is the day you packed your comp i am so sad …:( yer…today kbate11 packed her comps again i am so so sad..
    but happy cuz kbate11 isnt moving skools oh have i meantend i go to kbate11’s skool? well i do xD its cool she is my 2# BFF cuz my 1# i have known since i can remember yer well i have go soon (not that i want to )yer it sounds weird calling her kbate11 on here …. kbate11 gave me her pass on ourworld !!!!!
    my bro is on it kbate dont get mad he is just doing challenges for you xD
    anyways what was i going to tel you?……..

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