Canel City!!

Published March 14, 2009 by kbate11

hey everyone Cancel City has came out if ur not a member u can just take a Tour from a Gold or Silver and if yah dont wonna be a midget…log off back on in ur tour in Cancel City so u can go anywhere yah wont.there is also critters in the Endless Forest for Silver and Golds to are some pics i did.




;) but thats not everything there is also shops powers to get there (like tour)



12 comments on “Canel City!!

  • lol super, i think i found the canal. it probably is IN canal city cuz i saw water in the pics. congrats on becoming a gold member. i probably got that mission be accident

  • it needs to be cancelled.. its not fair its just like segregation back in the 40’s. gold and silver go here regulars go there. its stupid T.T

  • i never said that i hated the place i just said that i dont like the memberships, they are like prisons and magnets and stuff you if you are one; if you are go get some brains and stop wasting money on stupid stuff, i guess im not in any position to say anything but really who cares?! MEMBERSHIPS

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