Secret Way In Canel City

Published March 8, 2009 by kbate11

hey guys Jordie told me how to do it so (credit to him) first u levitate to try get in then go u walk in and look 😀




21 comments on “Secret Way In Canel City

  • jordie and all im srry i made the silver membership problem i made u guys by reporting a problem
    and i wrote
    “can u make a test so everybody in dizzywood whever pass it can becaome a gold member ” instead they made us silver members

  • Oh Hi

    I Just Got A Lil Time To Talk
    Ill BE Out Of Your Lives Forever
    Thats All I Wanna Say
    U Can Forgeet Bout Me
    And Think U Were Neva My Friends
    Cause Its True
    Cause No One Hardly Liked Me!

  • lol super sis.. u rock!!! 😛

    2nd im reali confused about this cheekers thing.. ok. so cheekers was a girl all along? but. didnt he/she date moochi? isnt moochi bretty upset about that? Why did he/she pretend to be a boy? and if u really are cheekers. . u had a ton of friends? but maybe u lost them when they found out u had been lying? i dunno. anyone want to clear this up for secret? 😛

  • super how old r u? i got muted for asking that. u like the wiggles? like the 4 dudes that sing right?

  • Yea… It is the 4 Dudes that sing……… I will be 13 in June……… i like them because i have little Sibs and they watch them and i’ve just grown to like the Wiggles except the new yellow one, Sam…Blech (makes a grossed out face)

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