Salamander Snack and Purple Stuff

Published March 1, 2009 by anglegirl13

For the salamander snack mission, after two other missions, the spiders were in Presto’s Edge, Garden Gazebo and the Explorers camp for me.  you only get some coins.  to get rid the the purple stuff you have to go the the beach and go deep into the water to wash it off.  to make the rain go away the people need 15000 special lighting bolts that we collect from the mission road clearing part 3.  Do you guys need help making the monster reppelent? cuz ive already made it. it repels only 20 monsters, i think zapping is easier.  i had a lot of mission to do cuz i was gone a long time and they were hard missions for me.  anyone remeber my dizzywood name cuz it looks as if all my friends deleted me from their lists. hi secret!  i forgot to tell you happy birthday, sorry.


8 comments on “Salamander Snack and Purple Stuff

  • can u specificaly tell us where they are hidden?

    kbate: They will be anywhere In the Garden Presto’s Edge whatever that place is called i forgot just follow what the post says.

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