labeling people

Published March 1, 2009 by bambooez

Labels are pointless words (emo, goth, skater, preppy, poser, etc.) used to stereotype people because of what they wear or what music they listen to. Most people who label others have NO idea what they are talking about, in fact anyone who labels people are narrowminded people who have nothing better to do. Just because you listen to My Chemical Romance doesn’t mean you are emo and slit your wrists in a dark room with candles every night, and just because you wear alot of black doesn’t mean you worship the devil, and just because you wear pink and say “like” alot doesn’t mean you are a prep. Seriously, people who label others dont know alot like they think they do. If you disagree with what someone listens to, don’t listen to it. And if you disagree with what someone wears, don’t wear it. But whatever you do, don’t tell them you disagree, because no one gives a flying duck what you think. Labels suck. So do labelers. Be yourself, and don’t live by someone else’s rules so you can be cool.



15 comments on “labeling people

  • Yeah, that’s it, bambooe. I seriously can’t stand people that do that. I have a friend that listens to My Chemical Romance and lots of people call her emo. That sucks

  • I know, i LOVE my chemical romance (im listening to it NOW) but im not emo at all! With all honasty I’d rather be called Punk Rock or “That Rock Kid” then EMO. EMO just sounds so offensive becuase when people think of emo they immidiatly think “slitting rists, razor blades, suicide” and thats not what emo was all about. emo is just “emotional” and i really dont feel like being assosiated with hurting myself.

  • according to society i’m labelled prep and i don’t really care
    i find it funneh how people are so surprised though when they find out what kind of music i listen to lol

  • people call me emo too!! In primary school (secondary now) i used to come ome SOBBING every day. I hated going to school because people teased me. They ARE idiots your right bambooe.

  • you guys shouldnt care what other people think or call you. you know who you are, so it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks

  • well according to society im labbeled emo lol but im not emotional they assiocate me with hurting myself lol

  • wow, chill pill bambooez. so what? why do u have to exlpain urself to everyone. dont worry secret, i watch it a looooottt too.

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