Find the Helmet

Published February 22, 2009 by dwsecretnotes

Its close to the castle towards the top

-excuse the purple pollen im covered in…

10 comments on “Find the Helmet

  • sakura-blossom17 i agree with u memberships suck! my silver membership will end when canal city opens! and i cant do any mora events or get da new clothes in canal city i was looking forward to it intill stupid silver exlorer membership came im not callin silver members stupid im sayin the silver membership is stupid like club penguin it sucks like club penguin! and why did they make ywo memberships??? every other membership website has only one and got two no fair! I WANT MY SILVER MEMBERSHIP 4 EVA!!!!!!!! soz bout all that i just fed up woth silver membership cuz dw for me will be so borin cuz it will be the same p.s im only 10 years old i cant pay for membership (crys soooooooo hard)

  • secret pls help n reply…how do i add tags like it says cancel CASTLE ciry find helmet monsters where like that i need to knoiw can tell me??

  • I promised so….
    Here i am. Yes I’m back!!! lolz TThree cheers for 4lvaro!!! xD
    I missed ya a lot secretnotes…..
    It seems that it was yesterday when i met you, a pinkish little girl with lots of plants and nothing to do xD, on dizzywood.
    A lot of things had happened since that, but you’re the same friendly and kind person I mety then (and you seem to drink so much caffenine now, i mean, youre always doing things, don’t you ever take a rest??? reeeelaaaax lolz)
    So, just that, I miss you… Hope I could meet you in preson…..
    But everyone can dream lol
    and so…
    see ya…
    and don’t change!!!

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