WE NEED HELP -bambooe-

Published February 8, 2009 by bambooez



Chief Pathfinder Burrows is calling his team of Dizzywood Pathfinders to action! Work on the road to Canal City will begin soon and Pathfinders are helping Explorers gear up in preparation. Construction helmets are being passed around by Pathfinders everywhere, so keep an eye out for our helpful friends. They’ve been given special instructions from CP Burrows to deliver helmets to as many Explorers as possible. The work that’s going to be needed to rebuild and clear this road is going to take all of us, so make sure you find a Pathfinder to help you get your construction helmet!

Want to become a part of the Dizzywood Pathfinder team? CP Burrows is always looking to expand his team, and with so many new and exciting things happening in Dizzywood, now is the perfect time to pay him a visit in the Crystal Catacombs. As a Pathfinder you’ll get the inside scoop on everything Dizzy, secret codes to unlock top secret blog posts & more! Find out how to become a Pathfinder from CP Burrows himself. 

Tip: Look for crates with the official Pathfinder seal (pictured above) and click on them to get your construction hat.


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