Published February 8, 2009 by dwsecretnotes

Ok.. so I havent played DW in 4EVER  and now, im really tryn to catch up so i can start posting again.  but here some things I dont know. 

1.  Where is the name styler??? for the love of bananas??? where is it?

2.  When i try to buy clothes even tho i have enough money it says i cant wear it?  why not? cuz my gold thing expired? i want the number shirt!! why cant i have it???

3.  welll i dunno yet.. hold on i brb

4.  ok wait!  i got another.. why are there smiley faces next to some stuff in my inventory??



  • 2)The number shirt for one, is BOY’s clothes 😆
    1)Name styler…been awhile…If youre not gold u cant hav it though. I think its in tanglevine.
    4)Because they were bought BEFORE February, so you keep them no matter what

  • Of course.. leave it to me to want boys clothes.. haha

    Thx fluffers I will stop by ur site.. its been so long, i need to make my way around to visit everyone 😛


  • lol secret, you must really like that shirt with the 5 on it. it might look cute on u even tho its for guys ^^

  • 1. In the jungle.
    2. Reasons that you cant get clothing is: dont have enough money,for opposite gender(girls/boys) and gold/silver only clothing.

    I cant answer 4 i dont know what they mean by keeping it when im not even beta

  • kbate immm soooo sorryyy but, u kept putting stick to front page and i was trying to get rid of that so that the latest post automatically went to the front and it was taking to long to go back and edit that many posts, so i just had to delete them all in bulk.. sorry!!

    from now on just post it and it will automatically go to the top, some ppls posts were getting lost pages back. I think thats it…

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