Lost Turtle Bug~ Gold member mission?

Published November 16, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Ok my peeps!  Here we go!  lol… Sorry to much Caffenine.  Anyways,  Head down to the crystal catacombs and put on your Fancy Mining helmet!


Then go behind this rock and trigger a lever


Then Zap the purple zapper thing to get the door to open



Go through the jumper game collecting all the tnt barrells.  After you come out of the jumper game turn left and use your invisisbility to get through the green laZZEeerRRR Beam (sorry, caffenine again)  And there is the turtle bug!!! YaY you saved him! 


Im gonna keep him!  What?!?!?  What you mean I cant keep him!!! I want a turtle bug!  Its not fair!  FINDERS KEEPERS!!! NOoooOOOOooo! YOU CANT TAKE MY TURTLE BUG!!

Huh?  I  can have 500 coins instead?  *wipes tears*  ok, i guess.


61 comments on “Lost Turtle Bug~ Gold member mission?

  • secret im lookin for u and it says ur somewhere and i go there and ur not there!!! idk why!! jedi and some other girl and me were lookin for u!

  • I went to cheerios house and she said she was there on my message thing, but I couldnt find her either, plus some of the severs were gone. I think DW is messed up right now.

  • how do u have my email?… is it the gmail or hotmail? i dont go on the hotmail one anymore… my gmail is exactly the same but gmail…. also, i cant do pictures cuz my computer blocks it….. and my dad will freak if we get a virus…. so do u think another worker (maybe super?) can make the pics…… idk just a thot.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww really? arent u like 15 goin on 16? oh well… i dont like zac efron that much (hides in a dumpster) but i do think he is hot (lolz)

  • got my email? ok… should i add u as a contact? as Shannon? idk… y are u eating pizza at like 10 40? why do u have a hotmail and not a gmail? (no offense) i used to have a hotmail but then everyone told me to get a gmail and i did. when u email me is that ur real email or just a dw one? idk why i asked u dont have to answer

  • o i dont like vanessa ann hudgens (doesnt hide cuz no one really likes her! lololololololololololool i like some of the songs but no all of them

  • I QUIT WEBKINZ!!! HAHAHAHHA THEY MADE ME MAD… i like buildabearville….. which my bff thinks i kinda weird cuz im 13 and in the 8th grade….. im younger for my grade tho cuz my bday was in october! im hungry and im a spaz

  • I have a gmail. I meant i have urs as a hotmail. Ive never been to Cali Arizona is the farthest west ive been. I want to go to the Winchester mystery house there tho..

    And im eating pizza at 11 cuz im HUNNNgrrrYYYY

  • when do u go to bed? i think this would be easier if u were on meebo or if we were chatting on gmail.. the whole time difference thing is hard..

  • I have a mansion now if anyone would like to check it out!!
    I’m on zany most evenings…eastern time zone!

  • wat i mean how do u do it like how do u open the door cause i cant open the door cause i cant get the poeces 2 gether

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