moonpebbles has come back!

Published November 15, 2008 by ~♫♥♪{¢}эℓℓιє≈{¢}υℓℓєη♫♥♪~

Moonpebbles has arrived to dizzywood!!!!!!!He/she is in the Tanglevine Jungle near where u get ur invisablity powers.

//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.u’ll get 100 coins!


PS for the moon rocks mission there in the prestos edge and garden gazbo i found them there so look EVERYWHERE!


4 comments on “moonpebbles has come back!

  • secretnotes!!!!!!!!!!! i looked and looked and i found the 3 things!!!
    pulley: prestos edge
    bucket: explorers camp
    rople: 2nd island rock in the jaguar temple.

  • u get 200 coins…. i just found out that by finishing a mission, u UNLOCK the next one!!! it is not by days anymore!!

  • i unlokced the “beach cleanup” and u get i think 300 coins…. it is all on the beach and is scattered boots and cans and paper… its easy

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