Fallen Critters-a moonpebble mission.

Published November 15, 2008 by supersisof3

In this mission you have to save the critters that fell into the Chasm

I Give ALL Credit to Anglegirl13 Aka Wow333

The Bucket is in the Explorer Camp


The Pully is in Presto’s Edge next to Timothy

dizzysnapshot2And the Rope is in Jaguar Temple

dizzysnapshot3then you take it to Moonpebble who is next to the Chasm

dizzysnapshot1Then “Jump” into the chasm and click a critter


And Your done!

~_~ Supersis


9 comments on “Fallen Critters-a moonpebble mission.

  • Aww Karly.. im so sorry bout your baby chickens.. i thought that happened many days or months ago.. They were so cute and sweet im sorry again 😦

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