new game

Published November 13, 2008 by bambooez

idk this isnt as good as dw, but check it out?!?!



12 comments on “new game

  • I tried Weeworld,Its Really Dangerous.If you have your REAL country,they might stalk you.Sorry Secret for sounding like your Mom(>_<“)

  • can’t be worse than my stalker on Our World.. Ask 4lavro, that guys is NUTZ i keep waitng for him to show up on my no, wait, guess I shouldnt be laughing. Seriously the guy has about 20 characters and I never know who it is. So if you are talking to me and your character is a new one. You might want to mention to me that you know me from Dizzywood, cuz I might kinda ignore you, im kinda paranoid. o.O

  • Yah sure your kinda paranoid lolz…
    wait, i should not be laughing
    its serious
    a person walking around ow and making lotsa characters just to bug you
    its all excepting funny

    and, what about romeooo??
    is he still angry with me??

    answer plz!!!

    Secretnotes~ No, i just dont think he wanted to deal with it. He’s fine. 😛

  • Yea ok
    i made my birth year 1995
    i made my country be Canada lolz
    And i made my name be Sulina Newskiz.
    And i got in!!!!!
    My user name is Supersisof3 😉

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