Published November 11, 2008 by yhunagurl

well, sorry [that this is not an important post] but I need questions. Please, if some of you can answer it [by commenting]………

Q 1:

how do you guys change the font color?

Q 2:

how did you make the font so big [or small….]???

pls, i want to do those things.


P.S., to all who visits my site (dizzypengbear.wordpress.com) and who visits this site, well, yea….I am an author of this site…. 🙂

ANOTHER P.S., visit http://www.hellokittyonline.com/us/ and…..wait for an announcement if Open Beta is [open]….(I MISSED FOUNDER’S BETA!!!! I MISS MY FRIENDS ON THAT GAME!!!! YES!!!!!! THAT’S WHY I WAS NOT POSTING MY BLOG SO MUCH….(sorry, caps 😉 )

anyway, have a good day 🙂 half 😐 half 😦


3 comments on “Hi…..*Yhunagurl*

  • Go into your edit post and on the top of the where you type the post there are all those little boxes. one of the little boxes has a bunch of different color dots on it click it

  • what do you mean you missed founders beta? you didn’t get in?

    YHUNAGURL: no…i mean, the game was ended (but i stilll joined and im lvl 18), so i missed (not the “missed”, I mean for I love it) it so much….btw, pls join the open beta soon! I’m happy to meet ya at hello kitty online 🙂

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