Stolen treehouse guide

Published November 9, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

sorry anglegirl, I suck at remembering credit when im posting! thanks for reminding me

Credit goes to Anglegirl for the find!  She’s awesome!!

Its in Skytown



15 comments on “Stolen treehouse guide

  • it was from a mission long ago.. i joined the summer and wanted one too. i found one in the red gift boxes all around dizzywood.

  • so can i still get the skateboard but only from a present? is that right angelgirl13? and angelgirl what is your name on dizzywood? i want to be friends with all the awesome people from this site. is cheekers one of your group as well? like i know jollyjolly, secretnotes, supersisof3, bamboe, and i dont know about cheekers. i want ot be friends with everyone but i just dont know when and where they are online!

  • my username on dizzywood is Wow333. idk bout cheekers cuz im not friends with her on dw. yea, if u find the “right” present then u can find it. if u click on a present it will ask u if u would like to pick up something. for me it said the lightning skateboard. the presents are all over dw. do u live in the western time zone, cuz we can set up a meeting time. Thanks secretnotes! ur the best

  • no sorry angelgirl. i live in australia i dont know if this is western or eastern. so yeh. and thanks for help with the lightning skateboard!

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