Bee Sprite Spying

Published November 8, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

The bee is in Explorer camp , behind the clothes line


You get 100 coins and some info




15 comments on “Bee Sprite Spying

  • Credit for this: for the mission on nov 8 the missing papers are in skytown skate park. u have to cross the bridge and the go to the bottom of the screen (dont fall off) and go kinda toward the middle. click on the paper and u get 250 coins

  • welcome, for some reason i get all the next day missions at like 7:30. i think that is cuz im in the western time zone… the only downside is that i haveta find everything with no help! 😦

  • Hey, Plz check my site if you are having a great big trouble finding the thing, but you don’t have to give me credit, just say, a friend of mine helped me, that wud me fine.

  • hey i love your blog so much. i visit it every time i can. I have my own blog and I do not copy anything from anyone. I do credit. I was wondering if i could do something like your notepad page on my site? thanks
    love u secretnotes

  • sure… i am not very good with the differences between author and contributor and all that. What do i make someone so they can change the header? Anyone know?? Anyone? Helllooooo! Im talking to you! Ya you! Do you see anyone else? Cuz I dont see anyone else..

    Where are these voices coming from?? *off to look for voices*

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