new entry for dw ~bambooe!~

Published November 4, 2008 by bambooez

soo here is the new entry way /  log in place


41 comments on “new entry for dw ~bambooe!~

  • Hi like my image pic???????????? Im turning 14 tommorow Secretsnotes can u like make a post and Celebrate stuff

  • How do i do a Heart has anyone heard about livolivo 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    ANyways i cahnged my pic to NOTHING

  • there are new missions on dizzywood! can i have credit?
    November 7th: The Buzz from the bee sprite
    November 8th: Grool Grubnibbler’s Trap
    November 9th: Top Secret Tree House Guide

  • hey secretnotes:
    i cant go on elf island because i am not allowed to download the software needed for it. If u can tell me what it is like when ur boat arrives, that would be great!

  • thats so good. ive been bored out of my mind on dizywood because there is no missions to do. YAY!!!!!!!!!

  • cool, i just noticed that frostys blog is open again, its now for club penguin, my brothers birthday is on july 1st, i never get any snow where i live

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