new coins ~Kbate11~

Published November 1, 2008 by kbate11

want all u guys to no ill be going to wet n wild


i found new coins 🙂


30 comments on “new coins ~Kbate11~

  • moochi i went today. It rocked, The black hole wasnt spooky at once because i eventually saw holes that had light coming from them but then it suddenly became pitch black. My favourite ride was the new ride called the Kamakaze it was awsome becouse it went up and down i was almost at the very top XD i went at the front because im lighter than my brother XD and the thunnel was awsome but i hert my self 😦 me adam steven dessinta went all together. but the spookyist was the one in wet’n’wild was the one where u go up all the stears and u go up again and there a slide in the middle where it just go’s straight down and i went on that one and my back got hert i was bleeding 😦 and well its a long story becouse i went on all the rides and my hands are hearting 😦 from tiping

  • ooo the kamikaze was just to good did u go on the ride that go’s just like full down u no i went in the middle and i went first woot its like u cant breeth

  • i dont rember what this ride is called but its like got really nice light and whan me and my bro where in the middle of the ride there was arrows going up and down and i was ahhh where gonna die but we didnt YAY!! 😉

  • i almost drowned but it was AWSOME!!!! did u go on the thunal i went up to the very top and got scread but screamed like crazy that one is my third fav and i got a pic YAY!!

  • ohh wish i could go again but 2 days after i went to wet’n’wild i got ear infechshin cant spell it but doesnt matter ohh good times go on our world read my commet i invied u the commet on ur profile xD

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