Light here Dark there ~Supersis~

Published October 29, 2008 by supersisof3

its dark all over Dw for hallowen right? Right.

but then why not in all of the houses?

heres my house(its dark)

then Jollyjolly and I went to Her house (not dark)

and then we went to 3c2b1a’s house (not dark)

And then We went to Secretnotes’ House (NOT DARK!!!)

and yes we did say “pie”, I was getting Bored with “cheese”

and last but not least I went by myself to Roxxygirl101’s  house beacuse i wanted to make sure that i wasnt the only one with a Dark house Turns out I wasn’t!!

soooo all you people with Fancy houses,enjoy the light while i sit in the dark 🙂

P.S this is my first post!! 🙂


15 comments on “Light here Dark there ~Supersis~

  • yay my house is on there!!!! but anyways for the gift boxes, they arent on my screen… is it a mission?
    if it is a mission which one? and why dont i have it?

  • If u buy all the houses can u interchange them? or do u have to buy them again. for example, if ur living in the beach home, but bought the skyland home, could u change them back and forth


  • If you buy all the houses you just hit a button to switch to whichever you want. you never have to rebuy anything. It just transforms

    FYI the beach house is not big! the island is bigger. Everytime I try to put something even close to the water it says “can’t go in water” I am going to eventually switch back to the apt. I just really like having floors and wallpapers I can switch.

  • Lol yes Cba your house is on there
    we were just hanging out there for no reason yesterday even thought you went on


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