Perfection Glasses -bambooe-

Published October 28, 2008 by bambooez

well, basically i didnt save right but when you press the giftbox you get… perfection glasses D

 Thanks to  Rie2Rie !!!


also there are coins here.

ok soo the aerialist glasses are here!


for the round gold specs -thanks rierie-


also get moon specs from these locations, i guess (thanks rierie)


34 comments on “Perfection Glasses -bambooe-

  • yes, i didnt have that box, it wasnt there cus that box was in the edge for me, as you can see in the photos

  • oh and secretnotes, im really sry i did this here, your notepad thing wont let me post a comment…………………:(

    hey guys, im doing a halloween costume thing. And i was wondering if anyone, i repeat ANYONE would be willing to get in a costume( in dizzywood of course!!) and get the pic. with a fashion camera. Then it would be nice if you could send it to my email.

    i have a lot of people who got in…but i need more awesome costumes. um, one pic. from one person…please.

    thx, 🙂

    oh and my email is ( plz dont send junk over, i can detect it, so there wont be any use of sending it).
    and the reward……im not sure yet, i’ll think about it……

    thx again 🙂 ( im sry, but i LOVE smileys!!)

  • sorry i am !!!!!!!!!! i mixed it up and i still dont have the mission is it cuz i dont have the pumpkin mission but i have all the peices but how do i stick them all together!

  • thank u soooooooo much!!! the pics really helped me! i got the cookie emote, i’ve ALWAYS wanted it! but now i cant even sleep because i cant wait until the next day so i can get another prize. 😦 i wish i knew about this mission before…

    P.S. for those of u who cant find the giftboxes, its NOT a mission. the boxes should automatically appear. but sometimes to activate a new mission/activity u have to complete the newset missions. if u already did all the missions, than maybe its just a glitch, and if it is a glitch than i suggest u report it.

  • ok secretnotes I found the coins and i got the cookie emote But i cant see the gifts that have glasses in them.

  • i got the cookie emote and the lily emote, some blue exlier, and money from the coins. Why do they (dizzywood) have these boxes and coins? is it a special occasion (other than halloween?)

  • there is one gift box in the crystal catacombs that is weird when i clicked it, it shows the same thing kat de claw says when u want to get more mulch. weird.

  • hey susini the same thing happened to me. i just saw a box in tangle jungle and it said the same thing kat says in the garden weird.

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