Gold coins?

Published October 28, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

I found a pile of gold coins just laying in Presto Edge, across the bridge on the Tanglevine side,  Its just a small pile of gold coins, I clicked it and it gave me 250 coins.  




13 comments on “Gold coins?

  • Did you get the perfection D glasses? There in Tanglevine by the ruins, near the head. You have to ghostray the flat rock right on the head and click on the present. (can you credit me?)

  • Cool! Also the Opaque Aeralist glasses are in the grove, behind the rock thingy that leads to the chasm on the side that the Crystal keyhole is on. You have to ghost ray that too.

  • im , sorry, but i dont believe you.

    i really like you and your connection with dizzywood…..but im sorry, i dont belive u.

  • rie rie ghost raying everything to find stuff – thats what he doesnt beleive- i quite frankly think that he uses another site, but i cant judge what i dont know.

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