FYI: 2 months Coming up

Published October 28, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

My blog will have been up for 2 months on November 2nd,  How time flys!  LOL


14 comments on “FYI: 2 months Coming up

  • Someone asked if I was going to be on DW less because I got workers…

    I haven’t been on that much lately anyway, so that is why I decided to get workers for my blog, but I do get on long enough to do the missions and will def be on more when the new places open up. 🙂


    (PS. whoever asked what my sig was (too lazy to look up that is it above, however I am terrible about remembering to do it.. OH, secretnotes being lazy again.. What will we do with her? (Crazy and Lazy) Huh… that should be my new sig!

    Crazy and Lazy,

    What do you think? Uh, oh, too much caffenine.. better stop typing.

  • ok, ok.. First.. THANKS!!!!!!
    and next, a question:
    How can you be a so good person?
    and.. how many workers do you have?

    seriously… don’t expect me to work a lot, i am being very busy with school work, but i’ll try my best.

    Anyway, thanks

  • Don’t worry about it 4lvaro, whenever or never, I won’t take you off… And I was starting to feel self concious.. (don’t know how to spell Thought maybe everyone was like UGH! They kept saying its wasn’t what they I have no self esteem!

  • Are you looking for workers? I would love to be a worker at this website.
    I haven’t did a lot of blogging but i’m pretty good at it. I’m usually on a lot, except when im at school or if i have tons of homework. Let me know if its a yes. Ill come back here soon. Bye!


    I didnt mean that i was asking so i would know if you would for the future
    Put me back on PLZ!!!

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