Bountiful Bat

Published October 26, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Find the bat in the Jaguar Temple


17 comments on “Bountiful Bat

  • Hi Can you add dizzywood gliches to earn money fast because its takes me a long time to get money in dizzywood i earn money by giving blue exiler,games,maze,blue rocks and wheel
    can you tell us how to earn money in five min

  • what is up with the houses? like if u buy both do u get both? can u switch from one house to another? If u buy the wagon and the beach can u alternate?

  • secretnotes u fegot to add the punkine mission 😮 ill tell u where 3 are becouse ive only found 3 there one a the jungle one at beach and one at garden 😀

  • Can you do the Jack O’ Lantern quest because I cant make them attach together to a Pumpkin or are you stuck aswell xD

  • the pumpkin pieces are at breakwater beach, tanglevine jungle, crystal catacombs, and the garden gazebo. u get a jack o lantern ^__^

  • Once you collect the four pieces, it should automatically give you a jack-o-lantern. I’m trying to figure it out for those who it doesn’t work for, but I’m not sure what’s wrong. =( If I find out I’ll comment about it. (if it’s okay with Secretnotes, of course :mrgreen: )

  • Of course its ok! Mine worked fine. I got the pieces and it gave me a jack o latern. Hopefully it will give it to them tomorrow, just a temporary glitch or something, I would say go back and look in your loot to make sure you have all four pieces and didn’t forget to click one. ( I do that ALL the time!)

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