Published October 25, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

I have added workers to my site.  I am not sure how long I’ll keep workers, I am just trying it out.  Do not be upset if one day I change my mind and decide to go back to just me.  I don’t think I will do that.  But I am trying workers out for the first time.  Anyway here are the chosen few:








These are the only workers I am taking right now.  I might add more in the future, We’ll see.

TO MY NEW WORKERS:  This is what I would like for you to do.  If you see there is a new event or anything new about Dizzywood at all and I have not posted it,  Please do so.   Don’t feel bad if I edit things later.  I might.  🙂   Also please just stick to Dizzywood things,  No posting your dragon eggs or things about other games, ect.   If I have listed you as a worker and you don’t think you can do it or don’t want to just let me know no big deal.  Also if you don’t know how often you will be able to do it but still would like to try, thats fine.  I don’t mind even if you do something just once a month.  Also don’t feel like you are doing to many posts, if you are getting to the events before everyone else and you are always the first to post it, Then good for you, thats why I am hiring workers  😉  

Thanks and have fun!!


95 comments on “Workers

  • could i join?? ive always thinked ur site WAS AWSOME!!!!! and im from aus so the site would be on day and some night for u and like how ever u do it on urs so ur site would have everything on it first 😀

  • some reason i fill bad 😦 how did u get top friends and where ur list u should make page of all urv friends on DW and a list next to it ur best friends

  • Supersis is one of my best friends because she never asks anything from me. I have so many people that beg me to do this for them or that for them and sometimes I just feel used because I have a popular blog. But when I am with Supersis, I feel like she is my friend just because she wants to be, blog or no blog. And I really appreciate that.

  • i no what u meen its just like me and my friends everytime i think about i no ive been used with my old friends rachel and amber everytime i think them i cry becouse they use me

  • So i use u?

    SECRETNOTES~ No, I honestly don’t remember you bugging me, you are very nice, but I am just getting to know you! And even the people that ask a lot of me, its not that I don’t like you. I really like everyone. I just can’t be best friends with everyone I meet. 🙂

  • If you want any more workers im here for ya cuz im on dizzywood nearly everyday and can someone help me on the (Jack O’ Lantern) mission because I got all the pieces but I can’t make them join up together.
    Thx for reading.

  • DevilHornz!
    I am having the same problem, I have all four pieces but nothing to put them together with!
    OH I need to go try the paste!!!
    I’ll be back if it works!

  • sorry i am late at commenting, i was visiting an ill family member.
    anyway thank you very much and i will try my best to update if you are not online


  • OMG i read the comments on here…

    you said super was on your top 3?

    am i on your top too? if so what number am i!

    From: Bambooe!

  • yea what number? for me and Bambooez

    (? for Bambooez, thought that ur username was Bambooe why do you have a Z on the end?)

  • Hi Can I Be a Worker I Know how to do BOLD print And wait….
    I Think I Saw You On Dizzywood Nice clothes
    Can I Be a Worker I Will not mess Up Your site I Think Yhunagirl Already Said that Soooooo!!… Can I Please Be A Worker Anyways JollyJolly Calm down she might Add You in the Future
    Goodbye SecretNotes

    Sincerly nokrepkie

  • Sorry i havent posted in a while.. too much homework. Secret notes, if u befriended everyone u meet, or that post, u would a zillion million billion gazillion friends, since u r soo nice and popular! it is hard to get to know u over the internet… has anyone seen hsm3? i did!!!!

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh then i know all three top friends now (im not friends with them all but now i know who they all are)

  • ummm Secret now you need to change ur rules cause you said ” no workers” but now you have c(;

  • Can I be a worker? 🙂 I have the coolest mansion ever! I met Chabello, Willow, cecy, bftuna, and Ridley on on dw yesterday! I thoufght they fired Ridley!!!!And bftuna stopped playing…

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