SpOOOOky Dizzywood

Published October 22, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

I am sOOOOOO excited.  Halloween is my favorite holiday (even though I was born on Christmas)  And I love the new DW







19 comments on “SpOOOOky Dizzywood

  • Do u have any gems that u paid for on ourworld? How do u send notes or friend requests on ourworld?

    SECRETNOTES~ I did but I spent them all 😦

  • i think its because u must have needed to play dw for a while i think.cuz dargongold said he doesnt hve the mission too and he started lay ing dw like last week.

    SECRETNOTES~ But I’ve been playing, and I don’t have the mission. I am hoping I will get it tomorrow.

  • I LOVE UR CONDO!! IT IS SOO SWEEEET!!!! Do u pay for the gems, or invite people?

    SECRETNOTES~ I paid for them

  • oooo so u do pay for them….. are they really expensive, or are they worth it?

    SECRETNOTES~ Ya, If I were you I would just do the 10.00 for 240 gems. It will be plenty.

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