Cheekers Sleepover

Published October 19, 2008 by dwsecretnotes


8 comments on “Cheekers Sleepover

  • im missing out of things *crys* 😦

    SECRETNOTES~ aawwww! I miss out on a lot too. There are just always things going on. Sometimes you miss em, some times you don’t! 🙂

  • i was there then i had to leave. thats funny that sleepova (i was pratically there) but i had to go cause it was my bday!so that sleepova on my bday was funny

    SECRETNOTES~ Happy Birthday!!!!

  • hey luv ur site i was wondering if u needed any help with it cucz i would love to work on it plz it would be like workin with a celeb and i really luv to type i could even write about some diffrent sites on here so more people would come to thet site I could also advertise plz think about it if i can email me or something thanks

  • i have a question me and my best friend are having a sleepover and i was wondering what i should do….does anyone have any ideas? Hope so thanks!

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