How its going and YOU DID NOT VOTE LAST WEEK!!!!

Published October 18, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Ok, my dad reloaded it a again.  Our speakers were messed up too.  The first time we reloaded the computer and he was dowloading a virus protector we got a virus (I know, I know, ironic, but apparently meaners do that) and it started deleting everything on our computer.  It deleted all my pics (I  am really big into photography) My real life pics and my DW pics I had saved.  I was really upset about it and cried myself to sleep that night.  Anyway hopefully I will have it working today.  But if I don’t I am going to hire two people.  Bambooe, you will be one and one other person who thinks they have the time and are available.  I will email the pics to you and have you insert them into the post and then I will finish the post.  Hopefully that will work.  I am currently working with WP support to figure it out, emailing back and forth but its taking a while and everytime I email them it takes them a day or so to get back.  ( I am sure they are swamped) .  So anyway thats what is going on.

OH!!! Its a little confusing.  Last week you registered, and registered for your party.   YOU DID NOT VOTE!!!!  make sure you vote this weekend.  You will get a shirt thats says I voted on it… 


7 comments on “How its going and YOU DID NOT VOTE LAST WEEK!!!!

  • Hah! You downlaoded a virus protector?? I can’t believe you fell for that one.

    Sorry about all your pics by the way.

    SECRETNOTES~ Uh, thx? I didn’t download anything. My dad did and he works for a well known world wide computer company so he usually knows the ones you can and can’t download.

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