Ummm.. Ya, more pics, enjoy!

Published October 11, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

My room

My room


45 comments on “Ummm.. Ya, more pics, enjoy!

  • How do u get the cupcake reactor to work? Mine doesnt spit out cupcakes

    SECRETNOTES~ Mine doesn’t either, I think somethings only work when you move them, like the rocket picture, the cupcake makers, ect… At least thats the way it is for me.

  • Depends on what ur talking about? Turning things in your room upside down you just hit size and down and keep holding it until it turns upside down. the people are the lying down glitch.

  • ok, thanks. Mine worked when I moved it, but then it stopped. My username is Wow333, so if you see me add me to ur friend list!! 🙂

  • ooo ok, cool thanks… do u mind me asking how old u r? Also, the cupcake reactor works if u ghostray it!!! its really cool

    15 on Christmas

  • Sweet! So ur b day is on christmas!! Is that fun to have ur bday and christmas on the same day? I like just turned 13!!

    Secretnotes~ Nope, not fun

  • secretnotescan u plz tell me your email adress?cause i wnt to show u some of the pictures of our world.plz?

  • secretnotes do u go to school? cause u seem like ur always updating this blog! lol

    SECRETNOTES~ LOL.. yes, i go to school, but we are aloud on our laptops or school computers during our lunch and study halls. 🙂

  • You should make a separate page for these completely random pictures.

    SECRETNOTES~ I thought about it but I like people to be able to get on the site and immediately see new things, even when there is nothing new to post….

  • Ok, coolio. Do people think ur weird cause u do dizzywood? Peope think im weird cause I have 35 webkinz!

  • Ok, is there a way u got the username secretnotes? Is there like a story behind it? cause I was trying to ttype angelgirl13 on clubpenguin, instead I accidently typed angle not angel. so all my freinds laughed, but it caught on, now all of my usernames are anglegirl13! lol… not my dizzywood name tho, they didnt allow it! 😦

    SECRETNOTES~~ Yep, I was watching an anime series (not going to name it because its not for kids)
    anyway she had a notebook she always cared around and someone asked her what was it and she said “secret notes” and they said “ok, but whats in it?” and she said “secret notes”

    Its hard to explain but she was saying it all cute and funny and me and my friends would always repeat it. Plus I make handmade cards (i’ll take a pic of them someday) and I sell them sometimes and I thought I would start selling them under the name of secret notes because that kinda sounds cute for cards… And thats it!!

  • umm secretnotes, what anime serie was it??
    you know i’m only a year younger than you lolz
    it sounds me familiar… i think i heard it in bleach, or ranma 1/4, i do’t know

  • Ok, cool story!! What state do u live in? Like is it far away from California? It is ok if u dont want to say it, cause all the peeps will see. My parents are huge on that thing… u know the internet safety thing, yea… im kinda a spaz……. I LOVE WEBKINZ!!!

  • yep tou can email it tyo me my account is (edited)
    and tell me your emaill adress plz
    want to be communicated
    6 hours of difference is a lot of time lolz

  • you don’t walk, its called the laying down glitch. but sometime you end up, upside down. You are just stuck there. You have to go back to your home or another place on the map to get out of it.

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