Find the Staff Pieces

Published October 5, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

One is in Breakwater Beach:

The top Ball part is in Wildwood Glen:

Thanks Pinaydog07 for finding the pieces!!!

You get these Rockin Wizard hats!!!!


15 comments on “Find the Staff Pieces

  • Things in dizzywood are sometimes unexplainable,
    call it what you will
    but to us witches, the witches of dizzywood,
    call it black magic
    it has been around for centuries
    things are going amist on dizzywood,
    beware of what you do, it may just be the last

    -bambooe the witch-

  • pls secretnotes i really need you!!! you’re my only hope!! pls work on my blog!!! I was ban!!!!! pls, pls!!! put some posts on my blog!!! just some activity posts!!! PLEASE!!! tell me your e-mail pls!! I will just add you on my author list!!! I AM BEGGING YOU!!!

  • The foot print one I do not think you can do any more. Like past events, once I certain length of time has passed or new events were released, you could no longer do the old ones. 😦

    Also, I thought Tuna quit!!

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