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Published October 3, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

I sent an idea to Dizzywood.  Here it is:

I think it would be nice to be able to buy your friends gifts on Dizzywood.  I often have a lot of coins and it would be nice to be able to buy someone something for their house or a new shirt.  Especially for the new people that start and dont have any coins.

Here is the reply I got:

Hi there Secretnotes! We really appreciate you writing in and giving us your feedback. Your idea about buying gifts for friends might be something we will work on in the very near future. It’s really nice of you to want to give gifts to your fellow Dizzywood buddies! Thanks again, and we’ll see you in Dizzywood!

Wouldn’t that be fun???   Who knows,  Maybe they will do it???


17 comments on “My idea

  • In reply to your questions…
    >>> If you cheat, Dizzywood will temporarily not allow friend codes used to count towards your Turtlebug (and other prizes). I would suggest you either wait, and keep trying, or consult Dizzywood about it. Maybe it’s just a bug? 😦
    I might be able to diagnose ( 😆 I like that word) the problem better if I had more details to what you did before it stopped working.

    SECRETNOTES= Its never worked.. I put it on my blog before and people told me they used it, and I even watched a friend make his with it but still there’s no number there. I don’t think I have ever cheated? How do you cheat on Dizzywood??? Anyway its no biggie. I never use my critters that much and doubt I would ever get 25 anyway. 😦

    >>>I’m not sure, but it is a good question!
    I still have my TV, so I can’t go look for it, but maybe I can make another account and do that on there?
    I’ll try to find it, and let you know as soon as I do!
    Also, I feel really bad about what happened. 😦

    No problem… Its really out of my mind. No hard feelings. I over reacted.
    Can we still be friends?

    P.S. So many frowny faces here!!

  • Yea its a good idea but you might not know what they have so you might buy something they already have

  • The only problem with the idea is that people could send you too many of a cheap item (example: 2000 mushroom stools) 😆
    It’s like that on Neopets too. It’s a wonderful idea, I just hope they have an “Accept/Reject Gift” option.

    (I don’t mean this as offensive, it’s just my views on the feature)


  • Yes I thought about that too. It would be nice if you could make a “wish list” and then could buy it for them and cross it off their wish list. Kinda like when people have baby showers and weddings.

  • That’s a neat idea! I have a some ideas for dw. Like a bank where we could deposit and withdraw our “money”, collect interest…etc or adding another page to the map and a shoe store, so we don’t have those ugly green shoes.

    SECRETNOTES~ Yes!! Need a shoe store, bad!!!!

  • You really have a brilliant suggestion!

    Dizzywood promotes teamwork and helping others so I am hoping that soon we will be able to buy a gift for a friend … but, especially for a newbie. I think that would be so cool. And, we will be able to thank you for it.

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