Found the paste

Published September 28, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Its a secret…. don’t tell…. Secretnotes can’t find the paste.  Now she’s sitting in a corner rocking and talking about invisible paste..

Thanks Cheerio for the help!!  You always come through when I need you!

You get shirt!!

You get shirt!!


27 comments on “Found the paste

    on the thing board for daily events in prestos edge it says to get started CLOCK on your missions tab
    its supposed ti be click not clock!


  • ohm dear, i couldn’t find the past anyone
    who is cheerio?? I want mo MEET HER!!!!
    and also thanks to you, secretnotes, you make dizzywood look easy…

  • The notepad is everybody’s to do what ever they like. (except be mean) Advertise your heart out, Say hello, talk about movie, shows, school, boys, drama, just chat, Whatever its your guy’s area!!!

  • is there any blue teleporter in dizzywood any more please tell me because i won’t be able to go to breakwater beach

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